Welcome to Bark Avenue, Montreal's premier dog care center. We are pleased to offer the highest quality care for your dog, with no breed restrictions or discriminations.

The safety and security of our guests is of utmost importance to us. Bark Avenue has staff on premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our daycare rooms and yard are staffed at all times to ensure safety, and to provide lots of fun and lots of love to our 4 legged guests. The owners and staff are all pet owners and are active with animal rescue organizations in the Montreal area.

Bark Avenue strives to give back to the community. We act as a foster home for the Montreal SPCA, and provide obedience training and consultation for foster and shelter dogs in need. We are pleased to offer discounts to our clients that provide proof that their dog was adopted from an animal rescue, shelter or pound. A percentage of all of Bark Avenue's profits is donated to animal rescue and animal welfare organizations in and around Montreal. We hold adoption events, pet fairs and fundraisers several times per year. If your rescue/welfare organization is interested in holding an event at Bark Avenue, at no charge, please feel free to contact us to arrange a date!

Come take a stroll down Bark Avenue!

5385 Chemin de la Côte de Liesse
Montreal, Quebec
H4P 1A1

Phone: 514-747-2275
Email: info@barkavemtl.com

Brooklyn's Boutique

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Brooklyn's Boutique carries a variety of dog accessories, toys, leashes, collars, training tools, grooming supplies, supplements, food and treats. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you fit your dog with an appropriate collar, give advice on training tools or provide nutrition information, including tips on feeding a raw diet.

We are pleased to offer a selection of top quality items from:
RawPaw Natural Food
Fido Confections
Chuckle Hounds
Hot Dogs All Dressed
Dog Hair INCluded
Natural Balance
And many many more….

Ocean's Obedience School

Ocean's Obedience School trainers strive to achieve the best possible bond between you and your dog using three main tools: proper training, proper exercise and proper playtime activities. Training can start as early as 3 months of age, but in reality, no dog is too old to be trained!

Every breed of dog has specific inherent behaviours, and every dog has a personality and behaviours that are unique to them. At Bark Avenue, we work with you and your dog to adjust or nurture these behaviours based on your family's needs.

With our network of balance trainers, veterinarians, behaviourists and others who have specific knowledge of nearly all dog breeds and their needs, Bark Avenue can help you and your dog achieve a happy, harmonious life..

We offer a wide variety of training options and fun activities for you and your dog:

  • Puppy Socialization Group Classes
  • Reactive Dog Socialization Group Classes
  • Basic Obedience I Group Classes
  • Basic Obedience II Group Classes
  • Agility - Group Classes
  • Private In-Home Behaviour and Obedience Training
  • Private Behaviour and Obedience Training at Bark Avenue
  • Board and Train


Dogs are social creatures by nature, but without socialization, they can become skittish, outright fearful or reactive to other dogs. Socialization classes are structured, safe environments in which to introduce your puppy or reactive dog to others. Once a dog has been properly socialized, you will notice very real benefits when taking your dog for a walk or out in public.


Basic obedience training includes leash control, sit, stay, lie down, and come commands. Advanced obedience includes commands such as stop, shake, heel, go to bed, place, drop it and more.

Board and Train

Most training courses involve your dog interacting with your trainer on a weekly basis. Imagine how quickly your dog will learn in the hands of a professional trainer every day? Board and train service can be customized to meet any need, from housebreaking to advanced obedience.


Circumstances vary from dog to dog which will determine the number of sessions that will be required to achieve the results you desire. Factors such as severity of behavioural issues and dog temperament will determine the length of time and type of training that will be needed. Please contact us for a free phone consultation and a price quote.


Discounts are available for multiple dogs in the same family. Bark Avenue is a strong supporter of, and contributor to local rescue. We are very pleased to offer a discount to those with rescued dogs.

*Discounts cannot be combined.

Bark Avenue new price list effective
March 1st 2017

Training (by appointment only)       Puppies –under 1 year
60 mns lesson (50% deposit required to reserve spot) $90.00
3 lessons (prepaid) $242.00
6 lessons (prepaid) $483.00
Board & Train $90/day
Training (by appointment only) 1 year+
90 mns lesson (50% deposit required to reserve spot) $110.00
3 lessons (prepaid) $295.00
6 lessons (prepaid) $590.00
Board & Train $110/day

Kozmo's Kennels

Kozmo's Kennels Overview

Kozmo's Kennels offer two distinct staycare services. Cage-free overnight care is a unique option for those that pass our temperance evaluation. At night, our daycare rooms are transformed into a sleepover camp, Kuranda beds are brought in for our guests to bed down. Our staff supervises the sleepover camp at all times. Those staying in sleepover camp enjoy fun filled days in daycare. Please note, sleepever camp is not suitable for every dog. Those with high energy/curiousity may be too distracted by, or cause too much distraction towards other guests and not allow them to sleep. Dogs will be accepted into the sleepover camp on a case by case basis.

Private condos and crate boarding are also available, for those dogs that require more space and privacy. Our condos are furnished with Kuranda beds, crates are furnished with plush dog beds. Those staying in private condos without added daycare enjoy several daily excursions to our spacious back yard for playtime, love, and cuddles from a staff member.

What to bring:

  • For first time boarders, please bring your dogs most recent vaccination records, so that we may keep a photocopy on file.
  • Please provide clearly marked and measured meals. *Should your dog run out of food, or if you prefer that we provide food, a surcharge will be applied. We feed only human grade, MAPAQ certified raw dog food, in order to provide a healthy meal your dog is guaranteed to eat and enjoy, and which will avoid digestive issues that may arise from a sudden change in type or brand of kibble.
  • If your dog requires medication, please provide the appropriate amounts, with detailed administration instructions.
  • If your dog has favorite bedding, or if you would like to leave a personal item that smells like you (a T-shirt you've recently worn, for example), you are welcome to leave it with your dog.
  • If your dog is weewee pad trained, please provide enough pads for the duration of their stay.
  • We have plenty of bowls, toys and leashes for use by our guests. We ask that you do not leave these items with your dog for their stay.

*Discounts are available for multi dog households or rescue dogs.
**No discounts may be combined.

***If you were not able to bring your dog food for their stay here and would like us to use our food here, there is a fee of $7/day for kibble and $12/day for raw food.

****Taxes not included.

Bark Avenue new price list effective
March 1st 2017

Boarding (all prices are based on a 24hr stay)
Regular Rate 28+ days
Private Kennel $37.30 $30.00
Private Kennel plus Daycare $49.90 $40.00
Crate Boarding $30.00 $24.00
Crate Boarding plus Daycare $42.60 $34.00
Cage Free Boarding plus Daycare (high season) $45.15 -

Dixie's Daycare

Dixie's Daycare Overview

Dixie's Daycare is available Monday - Sunday, 7am - 7pm. Dogs enjoying the day in our daycare are under constant human supervision, a unique service in the Montreal area. We never leave our guests unattended in the playrooms or play yard!

Dogs are social creatures, they thrive on interaction with people and other dogs. Dogs that are a bit standoffish with other dogs or people benefit greatly from doggy daycare. Their confidence will grow, and their fears will begin dissipate the more they interact in a safe, fun, controlled environment.

Doggy daycare is a simple solution for busy owners who work long hours, or simply don't have the time to provide enough exercise for high-energy dogs. For dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, doggy daycare is a dream come true. Our fully staffed playrooms and yard offer your dog a spacious area to run, play, bask in the sun, and receive plenty of affection.

Bark Avenue separates dogs based on temperament, in order to keep daycare as safe, stress-free, and fun as possible. First time daycare guests will undergo a temperance evaluation with one of our trainers, at no additional cost.

Please provide a copy of up-to-date vaccination records.

We require that all dogs in daycare are up to date on their vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. Puppies under 10 months that have not yet been altered and have not been through their first heat are welcome on a case by case basis.

Discounts are available for multiple dogs in the same family. Bark Avenue is a strong supporter of, and contributer to local rescue. We are very pleased to offer a discount to those with rescued dogs.

*Discounts cannot be combined.

Bark Avenue new price list effective
March 1st 2017

Rate Cost per day
½ Day (5 hours or less) $22.05 -
10 Day Package (½ day) $202.15 -
30 Day Package (½ day) $571.75 -
Full day $33.10 -
5 Day Package (Full day) $147.55 -
10 Day Package (Full day) $265.65 -
30 day package: $710.35 -

*Packages may not be combined with any other offers or substituted for other services.

**All 5 day and 10 day packages are valid for 3 months from purchase date.

**All 30 day packages are valid for 6 months from purchase date.

***Taxes not included.

Slinky's Salon

Slinky's Salon Overview

Slinky's Salon is a full service grooming service. We strive to make the grooming process as soothing as possible for your dog, we use no tranquilizers or sedatives.

All breeds and types of dogs are welcome, our patient and gentle groomers are well experienced in caring for all fur and coat types. We use products suitable for dogs with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Please note, due to high demand we are often unable to accept walk-ins. Please call for an appointment.

Discounts are available for multiple dogs in the same family. Bark Avenue is a strong supporter of, and contributor to local rescue. We are very pleased to offer a discount to those with rescued dogs.

*Discounts cannot be combined.

Bark Avenue new price list effective
March 1st 2017

Grooming (by appointment only)
Nail Trim: $15.00
Bath, Nails and Ears $40 - $85
Full grooming small dog: $50 - $60
Full grooming medium dog: $60 - $70
Full grooming large dog: $70 - $80
Full grooming extra large dog: $80+

**Taxes not included.

***Prices are approximate. Should your dog require extra care, surcharges may apply. Final price to be determined by our groomers.